Unix / Server Environment

These Virtual Workshops are a collection of simple guides to using software that has been developed on UNIX by it also available for Windows. This is important as most people run Windows and so can gain a gentle introduction to the Unix world from the safety of what's familiar. Thus this section deals with how install these development environments, but also further into exploring what they have to offer.

Using SSH (with Jimmy)

This workshop introduces the Secure Shell client software, which enables remote access to a computer's Command Line Interface, and the ability to Transfer Files securely. Read on >>

Setting up a Development Server

Installing a package called 'FoxServ' which bundles several (most) Open Source web development tools (Apache, Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL) together. Easy to install, and with only a little configuration you have the perfect learning / test server. Read on >>

Configuring Apache

A brief introduction to the Apache configuration file. Covers: Logs, Virtual Hosts <Directory> directives and more. All the novice needs to know really. Read On >>

Managing Log Files

Demonstrates how to rotate logs and use variuous packages to perform log analysis. Read On >>

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