Web-based Databases Using PHP

Let's be honest, when most people start thinking about developing in PHP (or even ASP) their aim is to produce dynamic content drawn from a database, or provide a web interface to a database. There are of course other uses for PHP, but this would seem to be what most 'newbies' want to do. To cater for this, these workshops use the 'Jump in and Try' method of learning the language WHILE building something.

Part One - Beginning PHP

Introduces PHP, variables, arrays and built-in arrays. Read on >>

Part Two - Passing Data to PHP

Demonstrates how PHP retrieves data from an HTML form. Read on >>

Part Three - Database Connectivity

Connecting to a MySQL database, passing SQL SELECT queries and displaying the results. Read on >>

Part Four - Introducing Functions

Beginning to build an application, launching different functions based on action requests. Read on >>

Part Five - Updating Record

Editing records using SELECT and UPDATE queries. Read on >>

Part Six - A Whole Application

Remaining database functionality, adding new records with INSERT and DELETE-ing records. Read on >>

Part Seven - Debugging

Guide to solving common PHP errors. Read on >>

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