The Absense of Content

There was once a website here. It contained my CV; a blog at one point; it was a bit of a playground; and of course a series of Virtual Workshops that I wrote around 2002.

These past 10 years I've been lucky enough to work in jobs where I get to use new techniques and learn new webby things everyday and so this site had become a relic and a showcase for web development circa 2002! And so the time had come to kill it.

I may return to this as some point and re-engergise this site as a destination with actual content - or the web may die replaced by facebook / twitter and other, in effect, super-portals.

Oh I have left the Virtual Workshops up - simply because when I've taken them down before I've had complaints - but beware they were written over 10 years ago. Perhaps the joins one and the normalisation one are still ok but the others are so far behind modern best practice...